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a community for fans of actress BRITTANY SNOW !

because she's beautiful, inside & out.

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hellooo, dahlings ~

Welcome to your all-inclusive Brittany Snow fan community! We here at brittanyfans do have some rules that will, indeed, be enforced with the giant hammer of justice. Heed them. Or else.

one. Be respectful. Do not fight with other members.

two. No hot-linking other people's work. Upload it and give credit, if you wish to share something that isn't yours.

three. If you're posting more than one picture, post the rest of them behind the cut. For icons: three previews are permitted, but no more.

four. Post Brittany-related things only.

five. SPOILERS go behind the cut. No exceptions.

six. Please post all of your lovely Brittany artwork, musings, opinions, fiction, videos, fanmixes, etc.!

seven. If you don't like Brittany Snow, then don't join or post.

eight. Absolutely NO bashing of ANYONE. No bashing each other for ANYTHING; no bashing the celebs; no bashing characters; no bashing couples; no bashing shows. There will be no bashing of anything.

* * *

none as of now
tv shows

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